Increase Website Traffic With Facebook – 7 Tips For Free Website Promotion

Did you think Facebook was all about finding out who’s dating who and getting tagged in photographs old and new? Think again!

Especially if you are a web business owner, you have a lot to gain from your Facebook account if you can integrate these 7 great Facebook features that can help you increase website traffic – at no cost to you!!

These provide one of the simplest ways to integrate Facebook features to a website. Yes, I’m talking about using the various free social plugins available on Facebook. These only require website owners to adapt a single HTML line for engaging other FB users and then converting them into website visitors is easy.

One of the greatest advantages of using these social plugins hosted by Facebook is that these can be personalized by everyone with a FB account, whether they have signed up with the website or not.

1. Incorporate the FB Like Button on your website

By incorporating the FB Like button on your website, you enable FB users to share pages from your website and make their ‘Like’ public on their FB profile in just one simple click! Most people don’t mind sharing their

2. Integrate the FB Activity Feed on our website

This FB plugin is a cool one that displays to other FB users what their friends find interesting on your website as the Activity Feed shows various likes and comments of website visitors that are logged in with their FB account on your site, making site promotion quick and effective in real-time.

3. Use the FB Recommendations plugin for direct site promotion

The FB Recommendations plugin is a great one for website owners looking for a cool direct marketing tool that is supports a business by suggesting pages on their website that have a high appeal for a particular segment of FB users. This feature helps you gain targeted website traffic and thus, is a good way to give personalized tips to FB users about site pages they would probably like

4. Include the FB Like Box feature in your website promotion efforts

By integrating the FB Like box, website owners looking for effective site promotion can encourage FB account holders to like their Facebook Page for business, enabling these users to view its stream directly from their website. This simplifies sending out promotional business messages in a friendly, fun environment

5. Include the FB Login with Faces plugin for gaining visitor confidence

By including the FB plugin called, ‘Login with Faces,’ website owners aiming at effective site promotion ensure website visitors are confident of their FB friends already having signed up for the particular website, boosting their confidence in the site being a genuine one and encouraging them to sign up also, since this plugin displays profile pictures of the visitor’s friends who have already signed up for the site in question. This acts independent of the login button and is similar to the Facepile button.

6. Enable FB Comments button on your website to increase website traffic

Everyone loves to give their opinion, which is why Twitter and Facebook are such hits, with raves and rants forming a bit part of today’s communication strategy.

So, why not give your website visitors (read potential customers) the opportunity to air their views on your website content via the FB Comments button? Allowing comments on the content of any page of your web platform will generate a healthy debate even in the worst case scenario, which only serves to boost website traffic for you.

7. Use the FB Live Stream option for sharing special events and offers to maximize site promotion effectively

A really effective and free site promotion method integrating FB plugins involves the use of Live Stream feature, which allows users to make real-time shares of their activity and comments when you host a live event and permit them to interact on the website after logging in via their FB account to use this plugin. (Similar to a webinar or participating in a web rock show) Imagine that!

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