Internet Marketing Fact Or Fiction – 3 Truths Revealed

Have you been bitten by the Internet Marketing bug? Have you been drawn to this because it seems like a nice way to make a seven figure income? Are you determined to make it in this business come what may? Then you need to know the difference between Internet Marketing Fact and Fiction.

Internet Marketing Fact or Fiction: It is possible to make a seven figure income within one year of starting an Internet Marketing career.

This is a fact. But then you already knew that. Problem is, these are best case scenarios. I am not saying it is not possible, it sure is. However, everyone is different in that they have different amount of time available to devote to this, they may have varied levels of technical abilities and learning curves. It is a very subjective thing. The Internet Marketing fact is that how much you will make will come from what you can put in it. So be realistic and set realistic goals and save yourself from unnecessary disappointments which will only pull you down.

Internet Marketing Fact or Fiction: You can learn Internet Marketing completely free online!

Once again, this is a fact. The internet is full of free tutorials, videos, eBooks and such to teach you what you need to know to start a business in Internet Marketing. Nevertheless, you will have to steer through a lot of junk in order to get to the real stuff. Consider you want to learn woodworking. Now you have two options, you can buy tons of books, surf the web, scan the library and learn through trial and error. Sometimes you might make mistakes that cost you some money. The other option is to enroll for a class at the community college where you can learn the skill systematically, buy only the books and tools you need, ask questions when you get stuck and avoid some mistakes you would have otherwise made. Both options will teach you woodworking, but if you had the money, would you not take the second option which will save you a lot of frustration and time in the long run.

Another problem with learning online form free resources is that many people will try to get you to sign up with them and offer freebies in return. Most of the times you will sign up and end up receiving junk from them everyday. Trust me these are a waste of time, I have now unsubscribed from most of these lists because I would waste hours each day just reading through each enticing topic only to realize at the end that this was an invitation to check out another product they were promoting.

Internet Marketing Fact or Fiction: You have to buy some tools in order to make more money.

This is fiction but I need to again elaborate. You can definitely make money on the internet with absolutely NO investment whatsoever. In fact I made my first sale with over $100 in commission from that one sale from a squidoo lens I had made that I promoted only with articles. I bought my first tools 4-5 months into this business. Here is how I can explain this. Say you are going to sew baby clothes for a living and are starting out with nothing. So you sew by hand. Now you start getting orders and no matter how fast you work, you can only make 10 dresses a day. Would you at this point refuse every order after 10 or will you use the money you made and invest in a good sewing machine so you can make 20 dresses a day? That is exactly what buying tools for your Internet Marketing Business is all about.

So as you see, there are all kinds of Internet Marketing facts and fictions floating around the internet and your job as you do your research is to take every piece of information you get and then see how it applies to you instead of the one size fits all method.

I talked about starting up with no money and mentioned how you could end up wasting a lot of time looking for information all over the web. I have put together an Internet Marketing tutorial for newbies that breaks your first campaign into a 5 step plan that you can easily follow and use over and over. And no, you do not need to sign up or anything. You can access it here

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